A data producer is a user interface, automation, service or device that collects data that is relevant to a business.

What is a data producers purpose?

A data producer is a root source of data. However, it is also common for data consumers to be used as a secondary source of data.

Challenges created by the explosion of data:
  • Location - where is your data located and many companies don't know. In global companies with offices around the world with sites and remote operations data could be being generated in multiple technology stacks in different formats and may not be logged or tracked in a way that is useful for the company.
  • Access to the data - Who has access to the data under what terms? An example for this would be a financial services company that has multiple stakeholders and those stakeholders may not all have the same access rights , So how are those access rights determined tracked and enforced ?
  • Ensuring that your data is of high quality - This is especially important for industries like healthcare we're ensuring that you have all the right attributes and all the right information in your data repeatably is especially important.
  • Trustworthiness - This is really important for example with governments who are now being called upon and audited for their artificial intelligence and analytics to demonstrate is the policy or thedecision they made free from bias and can it be audited in a way to prove that .